Analogue Photography Workshop - Little Vintage Photography
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Adventures in Analogue Photography

I recently had the pleasure of running an 'Adventures in Analogue Photography' workshop for Dot Art within the beautiful Bluecoat Chambers in the heart of Liverpool City Centre for a lovely group of people, introducing them to the joy of analogue photography!

About This Project

What a wonderful way to end the year! I recently had the pleasure of running an ‘Adventures in Analogue Photography’ full-day workshop session for Dot Art, introducing a lovely group of people to a variety of traditional, analogue photographic techniques.


We began with a chance to explore the vintage cameras and then it was straight into foraging for objects on site in order to create cyanotype prints. Once objects had been collected, the group geared up with goggles, gloves and aprons to mix their chemicals, coat their paper and lay the prints out in the Bluecoat courtyard for exposure.


Next it was a chance to learn a bit more about the physics of light by building a simple pinhole viewer before loading up the Little Vintage Photography cameras with film, checking on exposure metering with a smartphone app and ticking off a mini-photowalk treasure hunt.


After lunch there was an opportunity to have a go at hand-processing by using darkroom bags to load the cartridges onto film spools followed by mixing and measuring the required chemistry for development.


There was just enough time to fix and mount the cyanotype prints before checking the developed films and cutting the negatives to take away. The traditional process and collaboration had worked it’s magic… the group had successfully shot and developed their very own negatives!

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