autumn classes in film photography

it's back to school!

Even in these unprecedented times, I think there's still something lovely about the idea of starting afresh with a new term in the autumn and for me, September often feels like more of a new year than January.

The new stationery, the fresh blank page of a notebook. So many creative possibilities and ideas!

It can often feel both exciting and a little overwhelming if you're not sure where to start which is where I can help.

Alongside my wedding and client work, I am also an educator. This is what I teach!

I'm passionate about helping everyone introduce a little bit of magic into the every day by enjoying film photography and am a firm believer that whatever your age, learning is something that can enrich all our lives.

More than ever, we're finding that our learning is being taken online so that we're able to learn new skills from home and whilst at the moment it's still not possible for me to physically deliver workshops in the darkroom and I miss it soooo much...

All is not lost!

If you're just getting started with film photography (perhaps you're heading into your GCSEs or A Levels), are itching to learn something new (you need to flex those creative muscles!) or just need a little light distraction to help keep your sanity intact (let's face it, who doesn't?!) I've got you covered.

I put together a simple guide with a few handy tips to get you started with film photography so just pop in your email address by clicking on the button below and you'll get access to the download!

Analogue Academy Membership

Want to really get to grips with film photography and would like a little extra guidance and support?

I founded an 'Analogue Academy' just for you!

The Analogue Academy (35mm tier and above) is a monthly membership space which gives you access to LOADS of learning resources and film photography benefits including:

  • A reserved seat at each monthly Virtual Film Development Party (process films with people from around the world!)
  • Access all previous 'party' recordings to watch on catch up
  • Access to a growing library of film and analogue photography tutorial videos that I'm building each month
  • Downloadable resources & templates
  • Early access to official Ilford Darkroom videos that I present (I'm an official Ilford Educator)
  • Special rewards and goal benefits
  • Voting power (Let me know what tutorials YOU want to see!)
  • FREE roll of Lomo Kino film if you join in September 2020!

If you join the Medium Format or Large Format tiers, you'll also get a LIVE online 1-to-1 session / workshop directly with me each month tailored entirely to you, your work and what you want to learn (plus everything else I mentioned above)

My ethos has always been #shootfilmbenice and I can't wait to share this magical world with you too!