Cait Walker

“Finally the penny dropped!

I'd been on other courses before to learn about analogue photography, but had never quite GOT it.

They all felt very complicated.

Rachel was the first person who explained it in a way that I found clear to understand and now I have the confidence to start creating in the darkroom on my own which is an amazing feeling!”

Workshops & Pop-Up Darkroom Hire

print & Process your own

Hire the Little Vintage Photography Pop-up Darkroom Tent by the hour (with or without a helping hand / tech support) to print and process your own!

Based at Northern Lights in the heart of Liverpool's creative Baltic Triangle, you can hire for one hour, or several, bring your own paper & chemistry or add them as an extra.

Photowalk, process & print all in one day! - Go home with your negatives & darkroom prints

If you'd like a workshop, there's plenty of options for those too!

Hire from £10 per hour


My approach

I believe in a clear, simple, non-scary approach that is open to absolutely everyone through lifelong learning at any age.

My mission is to create a supportive and encouraging learning environment, offering a guiding hand to help you build confidence in exploring the fascinating world of analogue photography.

I am passionate about helping bring vintage techniques back to life (and cool old cameras out of the attic!) so I offer my workshops, courses & training as a way of demonstrating how awesome it is to create tangible, beautiful and unique analogue images as part of an experience which is unlike anything else.

I want to help everyone learn through discovery and experimentation and feel inspired to live, create and capture their world in slower and more mindful ways.

what i teach

I'm an Ilford darkroom approved educator and run individual / small group workshops and courses as experiences for teenagers and adults to learn the craft of Analogue, Film & Hybrid Photography by combining art & science.

Alongside bespoke workshops, I also set up the Analogue Academy which offers on-going learning as I build a library of resources by creating video tutorials and run virtual film developing parties to join!

I also develop and deliver pop-up workshops and activities for many public organisations such as libraries & museums as well as part of formal education

For younger children or anyone looking for an unusual gift for a photographer, I invented the Analogue Adventurer kit which you can purchase below and offers a perfect introduction to STEM & STEAM subjects by combining science & art.

membership & subscription

analogue photography kits

analogue Adventurer kit instructions

If you've bought one of my Analogue Adventurer Kits, you'll find the PASSWORD in the instruction manual at the bottom of Page 1

Have fun with your kit and remember to tag me in your photos using the kit on social media.

I love to see what you create!


schools & formal education

selected workshops & experiences