The Ultimate Film & Darkroom Workbook

Shoot, Process & Print (Better)

Does taking the first, or next step into film photography and the darkroom feel overwhelming? Ever find yourself stuck in a rut?
Not sure where to start? Or how to progress?

I've got you.

Get confident and consistent with your photography by using this fill-in-the-gaps workbook.

Record your photographic experiences, create an archive of your progress & stay inspired with The Ultimate Film & Darkroom Workbook


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how it works

The Ultimate Film and Darkroom Workbook is a tool to help create a unique record of your photographic adventures.

It isn't your standard instruction manual or photography guide, rather it is a unique space to record and plan, journal your ideas, log your shoot, process & print settings and also to reflect on your practice so that you can become your own photography mentor, grow in confidence and improve over time.

It is made up of 12 non-dated 'fill-in-the-gaps' sections for you to write in yourself, each containing planner pages, journal pages, logbook sheets, a review sheet as well as a space for useful information/recipes & a monthly inventory to help keep you on track.

Alongside this, I've also included photowalk blueprint planner pages, photo project theme suggestions, a cut-out-&-keep 'Shoot & Darkroom Checklist' and 4x charts of 'Small Inspirations' to help get you motivated if you're a bit stuck in a rut.

You can work through the sections / months over the course of a year, dip in and out, or just use the parts that work for you.

Most importantly, you can progress through the workbook at your own pace and create a truly individual record that fits around you and how you shoot, process & print.


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Johnny Brown

β€œ5 out of 5 stars

Excellent book by Rachel. Fantastic workbook to keep all of your ideas, and notes…..wish I had this 55 years ago😊.

Highly recommended.”

01 / 08