Vintage Portrait Experience

Let me ask you a question. What is important to you?

Family? Friends? Experiences? Memories?

We all know that life gets in the way, but at the end of the day, sharing special moments with our loved ones, or allowing ourselves to enjoy the simple joys are what really makes the journey worthwhile.

I've created the VINTAGE PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE to help you reconnect with the feeling of being present in the moment, capturing that split second in time and creating a memory to hold in your hand that will last more than a lifetime.

Sounds pretty special right? Let me show you more...

what to expect

Housed in a beautiful old bank built in the mid-1800's, The VINTAGE PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE allows you to enter the world of studio photography and step back in time to have your portrait captured using traditional heritage techniques.


You'll be welcomed at the front door and shown up the central staircase with the original skylight beaming down above you, entering the original Bank Manager's office on the 1st floor.

Overlooking the striking Town Hall clock building and landscaped gardens, the converted studio is flooded with light from the 3x floor to ceiling Georgian windows.


You'll be offered some refreshments and then introduced to the star of the show, the hand-built Instant 'Afghan' Box Camera.

I'll talk through and demonstrate the technique and the photographic process I'll be using, and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have!

Then it's time for a quick glance in the mirror and I'll get you set up into position on the grey velvet chaise lounge.


I'll disappear under the 'dark cloth' to check and set focus before loading the photographic paper into the holder by touch, ready to take the portrait.

I'll do a last light reading before giving a countdown, then it's time to hold still!

Exposures usually take between 1 and 8 seconds depending on lighting conditions, season and time of day and I'll guide you on what to expect.

Then you can relax for a few minutes, whilst I hand-process the paper negative by touch, inside the camera itself!


Once the image is fixed, I'll open the lid for the big reveal (you'll probably want to capture a bit of video here!) and you'll get to see your beautiful, unique, paper negative for the first time.

I'll show you a bit of magic using an app on my phone, to reveal your image as a positive and will send you the link to this too, so that you can perform your own magic trick for friends and family when they see your negative on the wall at home.


Time to set up and sit for a second portrait, then a quick cuppa whist your negative(s) wash and dry before you chose one piece to mount and frame (the second portrait will be carefully wrapped flat).

Finally it's time to say goodbye and take your very own piece of photographic history (and the memories) home to hang carefully on the wall and treasure forever.


Little Vintage Photography Darkroom & Studio

The Old Bank & Vault, No.1 Hamilton Square, CH41 6AU

The Vintage Portrait Experience Package - £150:

  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Demonstration of traditional hand-built instant box / 'Afghan' camera
  • 2-3x Portraits taken & carefully hand-processed whilst you watch
  • Big reveal of your negative image(s) and digital inversion (you'll want your camera phone ready for this part!)
  • Digital file of the inverted negative, so that you can share your positive image!
  • Tea / Coffee whilst waiting for negative(s) to dry
  • Link to mobile app provided, so that you can perform a bit of magic for family & friends afterwards
  • Original 6x4" paper negative(s) mounted, framed & ready to take home!
  • Unique pieces of photographic history to treasure that will last you more than a lifetime

Optional extras (post-session - original negative will be needed) - £25 each:

  • High res digital scan of paper negative - This gives you a higher resolution file of your unique paper negative & the related positive image for larger printing

  • Contact print - This creates a physical 'positive' print from your paper negative image, which I make by hand in the darkroom

the extra & important info

  • Due to the heritage nature of the building where the LVP studio is housed, unfortunately there is no lift access. Entry to the studio & experience is therefore up 2 flights of stairs

  • Due to SUPER limited places, unfortunately I'm unable to offer refunds.

  • Portrait sitting time slots strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Please note that 'The Vintage Portrait Experience' uses traditional analogue photographic processes. By their very nature, the outcomes can sometimes be unpredictable and contain imperfections. This is not a perfect, digital process and the imperfections add to the charm of the experience and the final image so please come to the experience with these expectations in mind.

  • By booking you agree to abide by any health & safety instructions given and that you are indemnifying Little Vintage Photography (& representatives) against any liability arising from your access to the venue or by taking part in the experience and to treat everyone present in a respectful manner.

wedding? event? celebration?

Want to bring the *MAGIC* to your special occasion? I also have options for this too.

This is definitely one experience your guests will remember and talk about FOREVER!

Simply click the button below to let me know some details about your event and I'll be in touch!


When & where does it take place?

The Vintage Portrait Experience takes place at the Little Vintage Photography Studio & Darkroom in The Old Bank & Vault, No.1 Hamilton Square, Merseyside, CH41 6AU, UK

The studio is only a 30 second walk from Hamilton Square Train Station (a 6 minute trip from Liverpool Lime Street). Alternatively, there is parking on the street from 50p per hour or in carparks nearby from £2.20 per day.

How long does the experience last?

The full experience lasts between 45-60 minutes. Please allow at least an hour in case things run over a little and please arrive on time, as otherwise it may cut the session short, due to other bookings which follow yours.

How many people can attend?

I can make a portrait for an individual, a pair/couple or a small family i.e. max 2x adults + 2x children (sitting on laps). Please see images above for examples. For health & safety (and comfort!) reasons, spectators are not allowed.